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@notsoperfectlife | A Review, sort of

I've read a lot recently. By quite a lot, I meant I read books - novels, short stories - these days. I mean I haven't done so much of that since I passed board exams. I'm not on the bookworm level yet but I'll get there. Maybe. We'll see. So anyway, I'm not too much… Continue reading @notsoperfectlife | A Review, sort of

Hampton Inn Nashua

Just Got Lucky: New England, USA | Travelogue

This might just be withdrawals from my travel experience in the United States. I mean, it's been more than 5 weeks since we've returned and my Instagram account's still on my May 2017 US experience. Back story is: The trip was originally planned for November last year (or maybe, earlier.) Planning took about a year… Continue reading Just Got Lucky: New England, USA | Travelogue


Reasons to go back to Bohol | Travelogue

SeptemberΒ 2014, the 30th to be exact, was when I first stepped on the beautiful island of Bohol. Thanks to my first geohazard assessment and mapping assignment slash first out-of-uni fieldwork. As mentioned, the purpose of me being in that place was to work so that was the priority and then my tourist self came in… Continue reading Reasons to go back to Bohol | Travelogue


Hello September | Journal

This post is pretty late because I got caught up with the recent happenings in my life. I must tell you, they're pretty awesome and refreshing. September 2's pretty much the happiest day of my life yet besides graduating from the Uni. Why? That was the day I happened to become a "legit" Geologist. Yep.… Continue reading Hello September | Journal


The Tribute | Journal

By PSYSC tradition, after the evaluation ofΒ each fiscal year a "tribute" is given to the new graduates. This mid-term evaluations I was one of those fresh graduates, who were given tokens and appraisal speeches from friends. I would like to believe what they said were true. Hehe. With that, I was also expected to say… Continue reading The Tribute | Journal

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The Life of a ‘Disney Kid’ | Opinion

Ever since I can remember and until now, I have loved watching Disney*. You can't blame me, I was (still am) a "Disney Kid" after all. I mean, whetherΒ it's one of their original movies or their tv shows, Β you just couldn't help but be hooked to it (if you're born in the 90s or a… Continue reading The Life of a ‘Disney Kid’ | Opinion


It All Started with That Phone Call | Journal

I really wasn't supposed to be part of the team I'd come to love. I didn't bother to apply as I was doubting myself if I could really juggle my time between acads, core work, org work, sec work and others. I was already stressed by other stuff that time but one call changed my… Continue reading It All Started with That Phone Call | Journal