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Why not start by avoiding the use of straws then?

By Ate Dianne

Dear College Self, | Journal

I was recently interested in the idea of writing aΒ throwback post about what I wish I would have known when I was in college. I Β wondered how I should write it and I thought writing a letter to the teenage me should be it. This got me reminiscing about the awesome four years I spent… Continue reading Dear College Self, | Journal


Guess whose birthday it is today!

*insert drumroll* MINE! So it's midday and so far it's calm. I didn't expect anything that's why it's still a happy day. I've got field work tomorrow (which was supposedly today but they moved it because, duh! Kidding. I don't know why they did.) Birthdays show you your real friends (and those who are your… Continue reading Guess whose birthday it is today!


An Open Letter to the People Around me | Journal

To you, Who I've hurt with my words; Who I've hurt with my actions; Who I've hurt in any way:   I'm sorry. These words are all I can come up with. I've opened up about some things with my friends a couple of weeks ago and we concluded that people might misunderstand me. With… Continue reading An Open Letter to the People Around me | Journal

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Of the Filipino, for the Filipino, by the Filipino | Opinion

On the 30th of June this year, a new administration will be governing this country. This government was chosen by millions of Filipinos last May 9. However, before I talk about our new government, I'll talk about my first election experience as a new voter. I registered late because I had to weigh a lot… Continue reading Of the Filipino, for the Filipino, by the Filipino | Opinion


“Fangirling” on Pope Francis | Journal

It's not always that a Pope - the highest in rank for Catholics (priests) - visits the Philippines. In fact, it's already been 20 years since the last visit of a Pope to the country. I'm just 20 so it wasn't possible for me to be able to take part during that last Papal Visit… Continue reading “Fangirling” on Pope Francis | Journal