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A Day in the Life of K | Day 12

Seeing this on the blog challenge made me think that this could be a good idea. Sharing how my day goes. But when I think of it, I generally do the same things over and over except on weekends and when I'm on a field work or travel. Even then, I do the same things.

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10 Pet Peeves to Rant About | Day 11

I'm a person who likes to remember dates and details, especially significant life events of friends and family, so maybe that's why I hate it when other people forget.

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10 Most Influential People in My Life | Day 9

People change a lot. While how you were as a kid greatly influences on how you will be as an adult, you have to admit that you are also way different now than how you were. With that thinking, I was able to put this together. They're more or less ten people.

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5 things that makes me happy | Day 5

I don't know if these will remain on the list forever but for now I know that somehow these lift my spirits up when I feel lost and sad. So now whenever I feel down, I listen to music that I like. And remember everything that I've been able to do with my friends and on my own.

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10 things to tell your 16-year old self | Day 4

Many things have changed since then and will change from now. So here are some pieces of advise you could give to your 16-year old self like I would.