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My Favorite Place is Everywhere

via Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

My favorite place is everywhere.

It’s above the clouds and the rising sun as my plane ride crosses over the US.

It’s in places that I’d never thought I’d see so soon like the Harvard University (coop).

It’s wherever I get to enjoy what I love most such as ice cream and chocolate.

Or musicals like this local theater with an awesome stage design!

It’s wherever I get to enjoy the scenery, the naturally-beautiful surroundings we don’t usually appreciate like when you are up in the Brooklyn Bridge.

Or in this Cebu City flower garden.

Or this ruins in Negros Occidental called, The Ruins.

Or the violently grand and beautiful (for geologists and adventure-seekers) spewing of ash by the ever so famous, Mayon Volcano.

It’s where we see the line where the sky meets the sea and the land like this beach in Negros Oriental.

It’s where we are stunned by the simple setting of the sun like last weekend’s sunset by La Union.

It’s the university campus which will forever be etched in my heart such as this annual fair in the UP Sunken Garden.

Finally, it’s where we spend time with people important to us like dinner dates with the family in beautifully-designed local cafes,

by making memories with old friends under the beautiful night sky in La Union,

And meeting new ones in places where you’re all unused to such as the Grand Palace in Thailand.

I couldn’t choose just one place so I included everything. Lol.

All of these photos were taken by me using an iPhone and were processed with an app called Photoshop Express. Haha!

It would be awesome if you could also leave feedback on my photos. Hit me up in the comments.

Thank you!


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