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10 Songs from Musicals that will Touch your Heart | List

The point is, you can get a lot of motivation or inspiration from music. And if you need to listen to one, start by looking for broadway or west end playlists and you'll definitely find it. For whatever thoughts you have. Whatever emotion you feel. Or whatever situation you're in.

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Music is Life | Opinion

Music truly is powerful.

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January | Little Wins of 2018

Like in a conveyor belt, the bigger wins will soon come.


The Future: So Near Yet So Far | Journal

Time surely goes by quickly. A few weeks ago, I (we all were) was just starting the year. Now I'm about to "cram" all remaining requirements to graduate this April. It's tradition here in the University that they plant sunflowers in time for the University Graduation and now we're just waiting for the rest of… Continue reading The Future: So Near Yet So Far | Journal