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On Passions and Dream Jobs | Day 7 and 8

We all have dreams and passions. It's just a matter of pursuing them as a career or keeping them as a hobby.

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Blog Challenge, Journal

3 Things about Parenting | Day 3

I'm far off from being a parent but here are three things about parenting that I can share. 

Travelogue Tuesdays

La Union Weekend | Travelogue Tuesdays

The coast of San Juan, La Union faces the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Its seas are also good for surfing because of the huge waves. For geologists, you'd find a pretty long stretch of uplifted corals by the shore such as the one I've seen in Pangasinan (a province south of La Union).


March | Little Wins of 2018

Try writing your list of wins. You'll see, every day or every month is an adventure. By the end of the year, you'll be able to see all of the blessings and bigger wins that come with them.