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Water | Wednesday Wonders

This week's challenge is to post photos that feature water of any kind. I found a couple of photos in my library that showcases different bodies of water in different places I'e visited before.


The Devil is in the Details | Wednesday Wonders

These three photos were obviously taken in three different places. Two represents culture, one tells a story on how it was formed.


Delicate | Wednesday Wonders

They tell much of how the earth and even us humans came to be as we are now so it's important that even the intricate details be kept to be studied and analyzed.

Street Lights, Daejeon

Street Lights | Wednesday Wonders

It's really amusing to take photos of everything especially when I'm on travel. It gives a different perspective on how the world looks like at night.

Aerial Photograph, Mayon, Volcano

5 Islands to Visit in the Philippines | Friday Faves

If you ever plan to visit the Philippines, you should add them to your list. A week or two would probably be not enough to visit some of the best islands and spots that the Philippines can offer but you can start with these islands.