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Make-up Musings: “Everyday” Make-up

I have a fashion tab in this blog but I realized I haven't really written anything for it before so I'll try it now. Once, when I joined the Dare to share Instagram challenge, I posted my thoughts or "advice" on make-up. I'm not an expert or anything but here's what I posted:… Continue reading Make-up Musings: “Everyday” Make-up


This PSYSC Video from last Summer | Video

Just because I wanna see myself dance (a line dance). HAHAHA! This video shows our Camp Dance for Camp Cebu last April 2014. The dance is choreographed by the Sessions committee for the PSYSC's annual summer science camp for high school students, officially called the National Science Technology and Environment Summer Camp (NYSTESC). There is… Continue reading This PSYSC Video from last Summer | Video