3 Days in Cali | Travelogue

Got only 3 days in California? Totally doable.


4D3N Hong Kong and Macau: 9 Months in the Making | Travelogue

It's another journey to keep it my heart forever. I hope my friends and I don't get tired of traveling together!

Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park, New York City

Along the Busy Streets of New York City | Travelogue

Nonetheless, the next day was exciting as the first!

Hampton Inn Nashua

Just Got Lucky: New England, USA | Travelogue

This might just be withdrawals from my travel experience in the United States. I mean, it's been more than 5 weeks since we've returned and my Instagram account's still on my May 2017 US experience. Back story is: The trip was originally planned for November last year (or maybe, earlier.) Planning took about a year… Continue reading Just Got Lucky: New England, USA | Travelogue


Bits of This and That: Iloilo and Guimaras | Travelogue

Being a geologist allows me to travel to places I've planned on visiting when I was younger. That said, last April and May 2015 I had the chance to catch a glimpse of two provinces I have wanted to go to for a long time already. It was a mere 13-day trip for work so we… Continue reading Bits of This and That: Iloilo and Guimaras | Travelogue

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The Poor Traveler: 15 Great Destinations Near Manila | Link

Guide to 15 Great Destinations Near Manila Just putting this here for future adventures and fun! Super excited to plan future travels with great company! 😀


November: Up the Rockies | Travelogue

I had fun and really enjoyed my view at the Rockies. Add that to a lot of lessons learned about hiking or anything similar.


Reasons to go back to Bohol | Travelogue

September 2014, the 30th to be exact, was when I first stepped on the beautiful island of Bohol. Thanks to my first geohazard assessment and mapping assignment slash first out-of-uni fieldwork. As mentioned, the purpose of me being in that place was to work so that was the priority and then my tourist self came in… Continue reading Reasons to go back to Bohol | Travelogue

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Transferred Post: Affil’s Pampanga Escapade | Travelogue

June 23, 2012. Obviously, this post more than a month late. My first ever out-of-town experience this semester is with the Affiliations Committee (Affil). June 23 is like the first Saturday after my first ever Affil meeting or even my first meeting as an Executive Council Assistance Team (ECAT) member. 11 Affil members spent that… Continue reading Transferred Post: Affil’s Pampanga Escapade | Travelogue