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Why not start by avoiding the use of straws then?

By Ate Dianne

Dear College Self, | Journal

I was recently interested in the idea of writing aΒ throwback post about what I wish I would have known when I was in college. I Β wondered how I should write it and I thought writing a letter to the teenage me should be it. This got me reminiscing about the awesome four years I spent… Continue reading Dear College Self, | Journal


Guess whose birthday it is today!

*insert drumroll* MINE! So it's midday and so far it's calm. I didn't expect anything that's why it's still a happy day. I've got field work tomorrow (which was supposedly today but they moved it because, duh! Kidding. I don't know why they did.) Birthdays show you your real friends (and those who are your… Continue reading Guess whose birthday it is today!

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Make-up Musings: “Everyday” Make-up

I have a fashion tab in this blog but I realized I haven't really written anything for it before so I'll try it now. Once, when I joined the Dare to share Instagram challenge, I posted my thoughts or "advice" on make-up. I'm not an expert or anything but here's what I posted:… Continue reading Make-up Musings: “Everyday” Make-up

Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park, New York City

Along the Busy Streets of New York City | Travelogue

Nonetheless, the next day was exciting as the first!