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This year I choose to Explore Life | Journal

Have you ever felt like living has been a routine in the past years to the point where you’re just holding on for the sake of surviving every day, every year? That you are living life based on how the society and your peers and your family wants you to?

This year I decided not make my New Year’s resolutions.

Why? It felt like I was living everyday in my comfort zone so I get stuck. Now, with the help of a couple of people such as my friends, I decided to just #ExploreLife2018. This is my battle cry for the year after doing that five-day challenge with an online class for finding out my purpose – the purposeful creative #Braver2018 challenge. A bit about this is that the challenge lets you rethink of how the past year has been for you – how you won 2017, what you didn’t achieve and why you didn’t. (You can check out my instagram for a post on this.)

Explore Life, for me, means what it should mean. Exploring the wonders of life and going out of the comforts of my routine. This is trying out everything I haven’t done or everything I have been scared to do in the past. Or maybe things that I’ve been just too lazy to give an effort to.

Maybe you could try it, too.

Exploring life is giving blogging a try. It is going out with that someone who had been waiting for you for as long as you can remember. It is sending that application for a degree you never thought you’d want to get. It is trying out for a new job because you aren’t happy with your current one. It is going to that party at a club you’ve been restraining to go to because you weren’t allowed to. It is trying out that roller coaster ride you’ve always been so terrified of. It is standing up for what you believe in and preaching it out. It is respectfully voicing out your opinions to your bosses on the work you’re involved in because, you know you want to do best at your job. It is getting those driving lessons you’ve been putting off for years now because you’ve always thought you didn’t have time. It is about watching a movie alone, without depending on your peers. It is doing what you want because you don’t have to please anyone who doesn’t matter to you and that you won’t let anyone dictate your life anymore. It is pushing for your rights because you’re an employee and your employer is also bounded by the law, and simply because, you’re human. It is fighting for equality because no gender is dominant – women can do great things as much as men can, maybe even more – and that you really just want to make the world a better place.

It’s anything.

Explore life 2018 is about letting go and taking a leap of faith. It is about giving your self a chance to see the rest of the world outside your comfort zone. Finding yourself – your dreams, your future – by doing things you never thought you’d do. It is getting yourself out of that dormancy, that feeling of being stuck – of not being your best when you have so much more to offer. It is about growing. Investing… on experiences and adventures and mistakes and lessons. Exploring life means not holding back and moving forward to reach your dreams thinking that everything will fall into place if you just start to step forward and take action.

Go on. Do it. Think about the past. What went better? What didn’t go so well? Think about why these happened. Now, think about how you could overcome these. How would you take action? What do you really want to achieve?


If you read this, thank you so much. It means the world to me! I’m hoping you would like the post and tell me what you think. And maybe share it? ๐Ÿ˜œ Hugs! ๐Ÿ˜„

Also, I wrote this on my phone so I’m afraid I have not been able to see if there were mistakes in my writing. Sorry for that.


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