Guess whose birthday it is today!

*insert drumroll*


So it’s midday and so far it’s calm. I didn’t expect anything that’s why it’s still a happy day. I’ve got field work tomorrow (which was supposedly today but they moved it because, duh! Kidding. I don’t know why they did.)

Birthdays show you your real friends (and those who are your pretend friends) and those who appear when they need you. I mean, I didn’t post my birth date in my social media accounts and say what? I guess, I don’t have that many friends. That’s the only sad part of the day. Because no matter how I assess myself, the same thing happens.

Anyway, all’s well. It’s gonna be a great day. I have friends who make me feel special. It’s proof that I don’t need a boyfriend to feel special on these days. I mean, some people would think that it would make your day extra special, and maybe it really could, but let me be an empowered woman and not depend on anyone for happiness. Haha!

And I’m really grateful for people who did make this day extra awesome! Cakes and gifts from friends, birthday treats from bosses, and messages from people who remembered. ☺️☺️☺️🙆🏻





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