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Make-up Musings: “Everyday” Make-up

I have a fashion tab in this blog but I realized I haven’t really written anything for it before so I’ll try it now.

Once, when I joined the Dare to share Instagram challenge, I posted my thoughts or “advice” on make-up. I’m not an expert or anything but here’s what I posted:


I’ve known how to put make-up  on since I was a kid. That was way back so I sort of suck in the most recent trends. If I had a role model for patience in doing make-up every single day when I was younger, I’d say it was my grandmother. I’ve watched her apply make up a lot of times then. But then I grew up.

When I was a teenager I didn’t feel the need to be that girly. I wasn’t allowed a boyfriend so there was no need. Kidding! I’d say I was tomboyish. You know, jeans and t-shirts were my thing up until sophomore year or even junior year in college. It was only after that when I found my love for shorts and “cool” clothes. Haha. I can’t say I was fashionable enough or editorial enough. As long as I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing then that’s enough fashion. That said, of course, I also didn’t see the need for make-up. The only times I put something on my face were during special occassions – org parties, graduation, and that was it.

When I started working, make up still wasn’t my thing. I mean I like it when I’m made up and I feel pretty. I mostly focused on my nails and hair. Face? Not much. I mean I hated ugly nails after college, when I had enough money to pamper myself at nail salons. And one of my biggest regrets was ruining my hair at an early age so I had to focus on it to make it more manageable. Going back, it was only last year when my make-up collection started growing.

I started out with just putting powder on my face, applying mascara on my lashes, and a bit of lip tint on my lips. Until late last year, when I tried out applying more on my face. I first bought a liquid eyeliner. Then early this year I got the concealers and blushes and contours and stuff like that. The latest I bought were setting spray, more lipstick, highlighters and color correctors. I still lack a lot if my goal was that full on make-up you see on tutorials and stuff. Anyway, as I’ve said you don’t apply make up for other people. You do it because it makes you feel more confident and happy about yourself. Further, I’m not one to spend so much on things that aren’t my priority so… I just go with what I have for now.

So you know I’m not an expert on this and I’m still trying to find out what works best or not on me. But I’ll just share what I’ve been using for my (almost) everyday make-up so far.

1. I wash my face. *

I don’t really have a “brand” but right now I’m using one of the Foam Cleansers in Tony Moly’s GREEN GARDEN HOLIDAY SET (Aloe). I used the Lemon one in the US. I don’t use cleansers with micro-beads anymore. Foam cleansers are perfect.

I’ve only used this cleanser since May when I was in the US. Yes, I brought it with me. I liked using it. Especially with the cold climate and even in this humid and hot climate we have here. My face felt really refreshed after washing with this cleanser. And it’s really relatively cheap. Partly because it’s a holiday set and it’s already July. Anyway, it’s between 300 and 400 Pesos for a set. Each could last for about 2.5 months so that’s a plus.

If you don’t like this one, I also used THE FACESHOP’s RICE WATER BRIGHT FOAMING CLEANSER before. This one’s good, too. My face felt very light after each wash. I only randomly tried the one I’m using right now because, this one was out of stock in the store I frequent in. If I remember the price correctly, this is a bit more expensive tho.

2. If I didn’t use toner the night before, I apply it in the morning. *

I’m using Pond’s Facial Toner. I now only use this at the end of the day before I sleep to get rid of the rest of the make up I washed off early on. I realized that there’d be too much chemicals on my face if I apply this day and night.

3. Then sunscreen time! *

We read about this all the time. Applying sunscreen isn’t only for the body but for the face, too. Up until two weeks ago I’ve been using a prescribed SPF 80 Cream on my face but I’ve jumped to using a regular NIVEA Sun Protect lotion already.

4. Cushion Foundation *

What I use now is The Faceshop’s Miracle Finish CC Intense Cover Cushion V203 (Natural Beige). This has 3 shades available. Korean beauty products are made for lighter skin complexions (because, duh!) so I always get the middle shades. I’d probably look funny if I got the lighter shade.

I like getting this cushion because it has an SPF of 50 and a full to medium coverage. It is also for a combination of skin types, which I have. For this line, you have some other choices, too. Like, if you want it to be extra dewy or if you want it in matte.

5. Color Correction

I’ve always wondered how color correction works so when I had the chance to buy one in the US, I did. I didn’t get the expensive one. Why? I told you I wouldn’t spend much on such things. I got the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus™ Correcting Palette consisting of Purple, Yellow, Green, and White concealers. I think this is one of my awesome finds at Walmart. It’s $4 and it works the way I need it to. I never even intended to buy a highlighter before!

Before that tho, I got the NYX CONCEAL, CORRECT, CONTOUR PALETTEIt has a red-toned one which I mix with the yellow for dark under eyes.

Just make sure you use different sponges or even fingers when you apply different colors. The only downside is these are a bit greasy with the dewy cushion so I still apply a matte finish powder sometimes.

6. Balm

I don’t religiously wear lip balm but I use the Nivea Med Repair caring balm most of the time.

7. Brows. 

I tried the gel and powder eyebrow kit before. I didn’t get the hang of it so I went back to the Eyebrow Pencil game.

I use Tony Moly’s Auto Eyebrow Easy Touch liner #04 Mocha Brown. I like this one because of the angled tip that makes it really easy to use. It also has a brush at the other end so it’s worth its price.

8. Lids and Lashes*.

I don’t always apply my liquid eyeliner because, it takes too much time. I need practice. Anyway, when I have plenty of time before work, I simply line starting just above my lashes. Not too thick. Not winged. I don’t want to get scolded at the office. LOL. For this, I use the EYE STUDIO HYPERSHARP POWER BLACK LINER just to liven up my eyes.  Add that to putting a bit of mascara on my bottom lashes. Some people find pen liners difficult but I feel like it’s easier to use. This one’s better than my previous one but I am yet to find a waterproof liner that works well on my skin type.

Note that I put my liner first before the mascara. That leaves less room for error and more for easy correction. Thanks to the power of my NYX EYE & LIP MAKEUP REMOVER.

Moving on, I don’t do falsies. Moreover, I don’t think I need to wear false eyelashes for everyday make-up but I’m obsessed with wearing mascara and curling my eyelashes. It’s my next go-to make-up whenever I don’t feel like wearing too much.

I’m not gifted with long, voluminous, and curled up eyelashes. Hence, curling and mascara. I’m just finishing up my VOLUM’ EXPRESS THE HYPERCURL MASCARA from MaybellineI’m off to discover a better mascara soon. This one’s okay but I believe I can find something better.

9. Blush* and Contour

When I’m feeling extra, I use both. However, if I just want a bit of color I use either. Most of the time, it’s the blush though. I put these two together because they’re also in one palette, the Happy Skin Glam Squad Contour & Color. It has a taupe-colored contour powder and a rosy-coral blush. It’s a bit expensive (for me) at P1,399.00 but it’s been serving me well. I love this one, too. Aside from it being a Filipino brand, the color just feels right and it stays.

I use the Happy Skin Blush Brush for this.

10. Powder* and Highlighter

I use a bit of Matte powder/foundation to lessen the dewy effect in my T-zone and under eyes. And if I’m feeling extra extra, then I apply a bit of highlighter on my cheek bones and nose bridge.

I use the white color in the Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus™ Correcting Palette for illumination and the Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup 02 Matte Beige (MF-P) before highlighting.

The Double Face powder makes the whole look better with its matte finish just in the right places.

11. Lip color*

My lips are usually pale so this one’s most important. If I don’t feel like wearing that much make-up, just wearing a bit of lip tint is enough. I choose or alternate the lip colors I have.

Sometimes it’s the Tony Moly LIPTONE™ GET IT TINT HD #03 Peach Punch. Other times, it’s my SEPHORA COLLECTION Ultra Shine Lip Gel #08 Nude Alert.

Tony Moly is a Korean brand so the color and tint gives that kind of vibe to the lips. It’s sweet that it’s very tempting to eat. I don’t like the packaging, tho. The paint keeps chipping off of the lipstick bottle. They look and stick to me like glitters, which I don’t like. The Sephora lip gel, on the other hand, is a bit thick.

12. Setting spray*

I’ve only learned about this recently. This year. I had face mist, which I spray before make-up application, before. And well that was an okay choice, too.

This time I use SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray. True to it’s name, I feel like it really prolongs and sets my make up well even if I don’t spray a lot. It also smells good and refreshing.

And if I feel like straightening my hair or styling it in a way other than a bun, I do it before everything else.


There you have it. It’s quite long. And you probably noticed I use a lot of brands. I told you I’m still looking for what’s best for me but I for now, these products suit me well enough. I hope these information are useful to you!

* For everyday use.

Please leave comments and make-up suggestions below, too! Thank you!


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