Sophie Kinsella Flatlay, Mango specs

@notsoperfectlife | A Review, sort of

Sophie Kinsella Flatlay, Mango specs
I’ve read a lot recently. By quite a lot, I meant I read books – novels, short stories – these days. I mean I haven’t done so much of that since I passed board exams.

I’m not on the bookworm level yet but I’ll get there. Maybe. We’ll see. So anyway, I’m not too much on the heavy, mind-effing side of it yet. What I’ve read mostly are Sophie Kinsella’s books. Aside from the ones that got me started on this.

The latest I’ve read, which I randomly just picked out of the bookstore one day while on a break in the field, was Kinsella’s My (Not so) Perfect Life.ย It’s probably longer than the ones I’ve read early on. And it’s her latest (as it was in the bookstore’s top 10 reads.)

I really liked the story. And I almost cried tears because it was so relatable! The story gets you thinking about your own life, your desires, your dreams.

Of course, I loved it for the romantic parts. I shipped Alex and Katie so hard as I was reading through. I mean, yes, at some point Alex was an asshole and Katie was a bit stupid for not even clarifying things with the other people. However, who am I to judge? I probably would have just kept quiet and leave. And oh! I was imagining Alex to be this super hot and smart-looking but funny guy. He would have been one hell of a catch! And Katie would have been the same. She was super determined.

Katie was also written to be super relatable for someone who was also just starting in the “real” world. You know? Adulting. Especially with all the pressures she felt. And the other characters were there to balance everything out. To make her realize that she is the queen of her own life. No two persons would have to live the same lives.

Finally, (I don’t know if it’s intended but) the story seemed funny. It could be that I can imagine people around me to be saying and doing the same things. But yes, I laughed a lot while I was reading it aside from the times that I would think Katie was an idiot for thinking or doing what she did.

I guess, if Sophie’s goal was to stir all those emotions I felt while reading – joy, sadness, annoyance, kilig, love, sparkย – then she has succeeded. My (not so) Perfect Life is a good read if you’re into light reading. And you want to feel kilig while learning about life. ๐Ÿ˜œ

I don’t have an e-book because, really, I prefer reading the ๐Ÿ“– . The apps on my phone or laptop would be tempting that I may end up scrolling my Instagram feed before I could read half. Haha. So if you’re near where I am, I could probably lend you or sell (kidding!) the book. Haha! It’s almost brand new.




If you have comments or suggestions on my writing, on the themes or subjects. Feel free to comment but I hope you won’t be too harsh. Haha!


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