An Open Letter to the People Around me | Journal

To you,

Who I’ve hurt with my words;

Who I’ve hurt with my actions;

Who I’ve hurt in any way:


I’m sorry. These words are all I can come up with.

I’ve opened up about some things with my friends a couple of weeks ago and we concluded that people might misunderstand me. With the way I think and prove things. With the way I talk. With the way I normally look.

I’m a very sarcastic person, sometimes tactless and overly playful (to the point that it’s not funny anymore), add that to my resting bitch face. There might be some who think that I’m a really high-maintenance person. These are why people think I’m unapproachable. Truth is, I’m really shy around people. Especially those who I’ve just met. I’m never the first to approach anyone and I find it hard to express my thoughts completely. Don’t even get me started with the tone of my voice.

Moreover, I don’t like “plastics” that I wouldn’t treat any one in a way that he or she doesn’t deserve. If you’re good to me, then I’ll treat you well. If I feel that you’re being “plastic,” I’ll be really guarded around you and put my walls up high. I feel like I’m a very anxious person to the point that my anxiety gets anxiety. Haha. I mean that is how I think and prove myself.

In the end, I just really want to tell you I’m sorry from the deepest part of my heart. If I’ve annoyed you with the way I act, the way I talk, the way I cry and rant, the way I work, I hope you understand that I didn’t intentionally want you to feel that way and I would not wish ill to anyone.

I think that if you truly tell me how you feel about me and my actions, in a nice way, we could try to understand each other and I’ll try not to offend anyone anymore.

I hope that in the year to come we’ll be okay. I hope that in 2017, we’ll be more understanding and patient. I hope that we’ll all be true to ourselves and treat each other right. Lastly, I hope that 2017 will bring us trust and long-lasting friendships.



Kindly leave your thoughts and suggestions about this post. If you want to, that is. Thank you!

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