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10 Kilig Things Girls Will Never Get Tired of. | Link

Here's the link to Cosmo's abovementioned post: http://www.cosmo.ph/sex-relationships/dating-tips/10-i-kilig-i-things-girls-will-never-get-tired-of Stumbled upon this through my facebook newsfeed and I'm sharing just to keep tabs on it. I'd definitely like the things listed but I'm not quite on the level of most of it so maybe in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚


“Fangirling” on Pope Francis | Journal

It's not always that a Pope - the highest in rank for Catholics (priests) - visits the Philippines. In fact, it's already been 20 years since the last visit of a Pope to the country. I'm just 20 so it wasn't possible for me to be able to take part during that last Papal Visit… Continue reading “Fangirling” on Pope Francis | Journal


"To be wise, use three languages;ย think well, feel well, and do well.[...] and to be surprised by the love of God." - Pope Francis during his encounter with the youth at the University of Santo Tomas (Papal Visit 2015, Philippines)

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When you lose the capacity to dream, you lose the capacity to love. - Pope Francis on his Meeting With the Families (Papal Visit 2015, Philippines)