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Things you can do to get smarter | Link

Learned that I could be doing some things right to be smarter. It could be effective, yeah. Here's a link to the 10 things we can do to be smarter and they're pretty easy. http://www.businessinsider.com/things-you-can-do-to-get-smarter-2014-7

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Date a Girl who Waits | Link

Stumbled upon this article and it was very well written. I think, as a girl, I learned something from this one and I thought I should share it. You might be able to get something from these words, too. 🙂 Here it is: http://jcatalogue.com/date-girl-waits/  


14 Ways To Know You’ve Found Your BFF | Reblog

I think I shed a tear or two while reading this and thinking of that BFF. ❤

Thought Catalog

mirela bk / (Shutterstock.com) mirela bk / (Shutterstock.com)

When you hear the phrase “soul mate,” you probably assume it’s about a “significant other.” The truth is, there are many different types of soul mates that we will encounter throughout our lives. There are ones with whom we share so much of ourselves that we forget where we end and they begin. Then there are the ones that last for a fleeting second, and while they may have left your life, their impact will always be there. And, of course, there is “the soul mate”—the one we share the rest of our lives with.

But I am not referring to any of those soul mates. I am referring to the most important soul mate a girl will find—her best friend. Without a best friend, there is no way a girl could go about finding the rest of the soul mates that will make…

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