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Oh bucket lists | Opinion

Scanned through my previous posts and found out I posted a bucket list before graduating. I kind of didn't accomplish stuff from there like you know, falling in love or learning how to bake. College wasn't that easy and honestly, most of the time it was tiring that I just wanted to rest during my… Continue reading Oh bucket lists | Opinion

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Sunflower Stories: The Five Things I Learned in UP | Reblog

This article from a UP alumna. 🙂

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It’s 2 A.M. in the morning and I am super bored (like I have always been for the past nine months LOL). I got some papers from UP this afternoon and saw the sunflower plants (because there’s no flower yet and I am not sure if I should call it a stalk or a stem. Forgive my Bio ignorance) already growing. I have seen those for five years already but my emode was turned on this afternoon because I really am going to graduate soon.. I mean I have all the papers saying I have completed the course but I never really had a proper graduation yet. 22 days before that day, I feel like sharing about the amazing life lessons I’ve learned.


One of the most intimidating things about this school is its size. The fact that people are using jeepneys for public transportation inside the campus makes…

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The Future: So Near Yet So Far | Journal

Time surely goes by quickly. A few weeks ago, I (we all were) was just starting the year. Now I'm about to "cram" all remaining requirements to graduate this April. It's tradition here in the University that they plant sunflowers in time for the University Graduation and now we're just waiting for the rest of… Continue reading The Future: So Near Yet So Far | Journal