It All Started with That Phone Call | Journal

I really wasn’t supposed to be part of the team I’d come to love. I didn’t bother to apply as I was doubting myself if I could really juggle my time between acads, core work, org work, sec work and others. I was already stressed by other stuff that time but one call changed my mind (I’m not sure if it was the call or the fact that I’ve just waken up from an afternoon sleep that time, tho.)

One phone call started it all.

The friendships. The stresses. The fun. The responsibilities. The learnings. The late-nights and overnights. Everything.

I became part of the National Science Club Month 2013 Core,  particularly, the Summit Team. 24 people sharing the same goals, the same vision.  That is to have the biggest NSCM yet and to keep the fire of science clubbing in students and schools nationwide, burning. In the 9 – 10 months we were working together, we had our ups and downs. We’ve been under 2 different NECs, 2 NSCM Directors and 2 Summit heads.

We were never complete. I guess this is the most we could be in a pic. HAHA! Walang matino.
We were never complete. I guess this is the most we could be in a pic.

Within those 2 phases, the core had very different work dynamics but it was all right. At least we’ve learned.

Yeah. I learned a lot.

First was to work with THIS team. I’ve always worked with a team. That’s how we’re trained in my degree. But this core was different. The core was composed of students from various colleges, students of different experiences to tell and to learn from. I’ve never worked with most of these people before so I had to know how to cope and deal with them in order to finish my tasks well.

Second, I learned that each one of us in the team would be at each other’s backs no matter what. This was proven. Whenever I couldn’t go to the office because of my stupid schedule, for sure there would be someone to call in my behalf. Of course I would do the same even though it took me minutes before doing it.

Speaking of phone calls, yes, it would take me minutes standing in front of Lemuel the telefax or any other phones in the office before actually calling. Don’t judge me. I have never done it before as I get really nervous. I don’t even call fastfood deliveries. So during my NSCM core days, I would actually practice what I’m supposed to say to the person on the other line and then die if the conversation doesn’t go as I planned. 😉 Kidding on the die part but seriously, I would actually internalize before calling. With that said, I think I have improved on the calling part, though. At least I could actually have a conversation with heads of institutions or elder people on the phone now. Hihi.

Fourth, I learned to organize an event and to make the right decisions. That I think is the main purpose of the core. The core members were assigned to various regions. We each had to find our own venue, speakers, organization partners, local government support and all the basics for a mini-camp. So we did. Some of us were lucky enough and easily found accommodating schools, some were not. Some weren’t lucky enough to easily find government support, too. But we were not to easily give up. We learned how to be patient. In the end we had overcome our goals and surpassed past records. Yes. We had the most number of participants of all NSCM events. Each core member especially the ones in our team (Summit) had the pressure of meeting our goals and we did.

Fifth, I learned how to manage my time and to cope with stress. Juggling between my duties as a graduating student, a secretary for another organization, a member of my PSYSC Committee, a daughter to my parents and more wasn’t easy but here I am. I, for some reason, managed.

Sixth, I am a person who worries a lot so I somehow learned not to panic and deal with matters gracefully. At least that’s what I think so. I didn’t break down during those 3 days. I’m kinda proud of me. HAHA!

Direk with MSKA team. "Sorry MSKA but we're this Awesome." - Summit
Direk with MSKA team. “Sorry MSKA but we’re this Awesome.” – Summit

Now onto the one thing I treasure the most from this experience aside from the experience itself.

The friendships.

The Summit Team.

I’ll probably, no scratch that, I’ll definitely miss our all-nighters, overnights and wali times, clingy moments, chismisan mode, vanity modes. Our Big Clingy Movie and Dinner date at Eastwood. I’m hoping there’ll be more in the future. :3

My Summit Region 5 Staff. Team R.H.U.M. ❤

The panic moments, preparations, RnR at Bigg’s Diner and our only picture together. Thanks for putting up with me. You saved me from breaking down!

And of course, the whole NSCM Core!

Thanks for being fun! Thanks for being that cool. Thanks for making the work easier. :3

Now let’s not forget about our boss. Direk Paeng? LOL.

Thanks for dealing with each and every one of our crazy, Direk!

And the support of our beloved Affil! ❤

Lurve these guys. Hihihi.

Yes, all this started with that single phone call but I hope this bond doesn’t end that soon. Now, I’m thankful I took that call and accepted the task of being in this team. ❤

*Raw photos were from the event’s official docu team.


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