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10 beauty cheats every girl should know | Reblog


Keira Lennox

{Inspired by Buzzfeed’s popular 27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know.}


1. Mascara wands make the best eyebrow brushes. When its time to toss your favorite tube of mascara — you should replace every 3 months to protect your peepers from bacteria — save the wand. Wash it clean with soap and water and, voila, free brow spoolie!

2. Turn any eyeshadow into a long-lasting eyeliner with a drop of saline solution. I learned this trick years ago from Carmindy on What Not to Wear. Wet an eyeliner brush with a drop or two of saline solution (the same stuff you use to clean your contact lenses) then dip the brush into a powder eyeshadow and apply it like liquid liner. When it dries, it’s sweat and smudge proof and lasts all day. I love using this trick with purple, green and teal shadows…

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What’s your edge? | Reblog


The Thesis Whisperer

The other day I was reading a paper called “The crisis in Doctoral education: a sociological analysis” by Gavin Kendall which talks about how doctoral education has come to be seen as being in a perpetual state of crisis – even if this is not strictly true.

Debate flies thick and fast in the literature about the purpose of the PhD, whether it achieves this end and if we are going about it in the right way within our various universities. However, very little of this debate is based in anything like hard data.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 11.00.54 AMRegardless of scant facts we have about the working lives of doctoral graduates, the great doctoral debate has spilled over into the mainstream press. Take as just one example this one from The Economist called ‘Doctoral degrees: the disposable academic”. These articles about the parlous state of the academic job market are naturally…

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