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So, swimming… | Journal

PE 2 Swimming is done for the sem... Of course, I'm almost rejoicing that I wouldn't need to get up before 7 AM but when I really think about it... I'm gonna miss it - I know that I wouldn't be anywhere near a swimming pool soon since I'll be having my summer fieldwork for… Continue reading So, swimming… | Journal

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Transferred Post: “Earthbending” at the College Cheer Competition | Journal

September 15, 2012 - a memorable day for me and I guess for some Geology majors at the university, too. This was the last of the sportsfest competitions this year, my first one though.   Around 20 of us represented our institute's team, Earthbenders, at the 2012 Cheerdance Competition. We have practiced almost every week (even… Continue reading Transferred Post: “Earthbending” at the College Cheer Competition | Journal

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Transferred Post: Affil’s Pampanga Escapade | Travelogue

June 23, 2012. Obviously, this post more than a month late. My first ever out-of-town experience this semester is with the Affiliations Committee (Affil). June 23 is like the first Saturday after my first ever Affil meeting or even my first meeting as an Executive Council Assistance Team (ECAT) member. 11 Affil members spent that… Continue reading Transferred Post: Affil’s Pampanga Escapade | Travelogue

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Transferred Post: UPCAT Blues | Opinion

UPCAT 2013 will be the 4th UPCAT since the time I took the admission test. I know, I'm old. I am currently a 3rd year Geology major in the University of the Philippines. The University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) is held every first weekend of August. Tomorow. So yeah. I thought of… Continue reading Transferred Post: UPCAT Blues | Opinion


Transferred Post: Orogeny 2012 in My Perspective | Journal

I am never a person who does really well - which means not panicking - under pressure. I get nervous about a lot and the event I went to last night was not an exemption. July 27, 2012 was the most awaited day for us, UP Geological Society (GeoSoc) members (and even some alumni), since… Continue reading Transferred Post: Orogeny 2012 in My Perspective | Journal