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This weekend should have been a productive one.

The operative word being “should have been.” It’s frustrating when I get all lazy to start my work and I find interest in doing other things instead. So here I am, doing this again. Crazy, I guess. HAHA!

I just had my first fieldwork for the sem. Just so you know, fieldwork is different from a fieldtrip. It gets pretty annoying when they call what we Geology majors do as a fieldtrip but let’s not elaborate on that. As I’ve said, I had my first fieldwork with the batch this semester at the Ilocos Region (Region I), Philippines.

It was awesome! It was a great experience, from our departure from the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS), even though it was 3 in the morning and everyone was really tired and sleepy from the exam and our activities the previous day, until we arrive back at NIGS even though it was late – 12 mn.

Good thing, I have awesome batchmates, vanmates, roommates… It kept the hype up during our four-day and three-night field trip. We were all very competitive – during the travel and until we get to our dorm rooms. We were all having a good time even though we we were all tired. “Van wars” was awesome! Even our faculty guide was very competitive.

I’m not elaborating on our daily or hourly activities though I’m sharing bits of everything we did.

Of course, we accomplished what we went there for which was to be real amateur geologists by describing outcrops, getting strikes and dips, taking rock samples, interpreting depositional conditions and the like. We were “toasted” under the sun for hours of observation, interpretation and discussion every day.

Other than that, it was all fun.

I had awesome van-mates – the singing v(b)and as we called us. Corny, I know. As our name implied, we were always singing random songs during travels especially when all of us are awake. We even did the “riff-off” from Pitch Perfect, boys against girls. We had agreed to a draw and since then the game wasn’t finished. When we haven’t thought of something to sing yet, one of us – the moderator, he calls himself – would interrogate us about our opinion on different things. We even had an “initiation” to our temporary vanmates (temporary meaning it was just towards one destination) with those questions and their answers like ours we’re really funny and shocking if not serious. We were also the most competitive van – thanks to the support of our competitive driver and our more competitive teacher.

Our first dorm was really *****. Water was scarce upstairs that we had to get it thru a hose downstairs. Who knew I could fetch pails full of water and bring them upstairs? Definitely not me. The second one was fine, it was a Pastoral Center. The third, we had our cubicle problems since there were like 30 girls with 3 cubicles to use and we had to dibs on the line.

During our second day, we were allowed to go down to a river. The water was clear and it was my first time be really near a flowing river. It was really cool though I was not able to swim in it because I didn’t have a change of clothes.

We also went to different beaches. There’s the Luna Beach where we collected gravel-sized sediments. Some sediments from there really looked unique. Then the beach where the Bangui Windmills stand. Everyone there had fun and looked like we were having a bad-hair day. The wind was really strong along with the waves. And it was so cold! πŸ™‚ There was Solvec Point, too. The most dreaded station of all. It wasn’t because the scenery isn’t breathtaking but it was scorching hot when we went there – 10 AM until 3 PM. Despite that, the ~6000 year-old corals that stood there along with the outcrops and the sea looked really cool.

Had to Show the Mills.


We went to our very own version of sand dunes and the Paoay lake. We went there mostly for sight-seeing and a bit of Geology. The sand dunes in the north is one of our National Geologic Monuments, by the way. It was my second time around Paoay lake so it was a so-so experience except for the new knowledge I gained from it. My experience with the sand dunes, on the other hand, was really cool. The weather was sunny, so imagine all the protective clothing I have and all the sunblock I applied just to stay in that place for a while. I learned a lot about our version of the Eolian environment but I enjoyed the scenery more!

Shadow of mine. Oh and the ripple marks! Coolioo


A geologic one. My favorite part was being able to determine the type of cross beds in the La Paz Sand dunes! :D
A geologic one. My favorite part was being able to determine the type of cross beds in the La Paz Sand dunes! πŸ˜€

We went to look at a beautiful formation up in the north, also. It’s a white rock formation made of limestone. It was facing the water – I believe it is the West Philippine Sea. We discussed a few things about limestones while we were there and spent the rest of the time taking photos with the rock behind as background. Class pictures here and there! It was awesome especially with the very strong wind blowing.

The beautiful Kapurpurawan Limestone. White rock!

I think I have more to say but I guess this is enough for a super late post on my experience last month. Geology truly is one awesome thing! Now, I’ll just show you my (not really existent) skills in photography.

Rest and Recreation for the second night was in Vigan, at the Heritage Village. This was the only picture I took with my camera. LOL.


Cool, huh?

*Photos are mine. LOL.

Thanks Geology!#




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