It’s food! Need I say more?

food to glow

puffed rice brittleIt can’t have escaped your notice that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Florists, candy manufacturers, card, lingerie and condom makers (!) are gearing up for one of their biggest days of the sales year. Even the most tasteful of shops will have at least one  display teetering under the weight of pink and red swathed cardboard boxes. Most of it containing chocolate.

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Geology Fun! | Travelogue

😀 This weekend should have been a productive one. The operative word being "should have been." It's frustrating when I get all lazy to start my work and I find interest in doing other things instead. So here I am, doing this again. Crazy, I guess. HAHA! I just had my first fieldwork for the… Continue reading Geology Fun! | Travelogue